The end of one year and start of a new one is often a good time to reflect on where we have come from and set goals for where we want to be.

2022 saw the birth of Acey Bookkeeping and I could not have imagined finishing the year with the clients we now have, the relationships we are dedicated to and the knowledge we have gained.  This past year has been one major learning curve – soaking up all the advice and expertise we can.  I have previously set up and run small businesses, but Acey is the biggest to date.

I’m proud that the family values I was brought up with (dedication, patience, authenticity, responsibility, pride, care and consideration) now run through the core of our business.

Acey naturally has a vision for 2023, but I have learnt that it is the small daily goals and projects that have been the key building blocks to our current success.  Moving into 2023 we plan to do more of the same by pushing forwards, slowly but surely building our empire to ensure that we make positive moves every day that will better our business and serve you, our clients, that little bit better.  

Thinking back to the reason we started this, it has always been family, the motivation for everything in life.  We clean the house so our family can have a pleasant environment to relax in; we cook healthy meals to keep our family fit and well; we exercise to have a clear, healthy mind and body to function at our best for our family.  Starting our own business has given us the flexibility to ultimately be around for our family more and provide for them.

Some people struggle to switch off at Christmas and relax into time off with the family: it’s understandable; it’s natural to want to provide, and taking a break is hard to do without the guilt that comes with it.  There’s a self-imposed feeling that you can’t afford not to be doing something, but this is what we work hard for all year, to be able to spend time with our families at Christmas.  I have really embraced the holiday season this year, being able to shut down and be fully present for my children and husband.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us and look forward to watching our business develop over the next twelve months.  

Ultimately, I believe that we shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves, we should be grateful for what we have and give our time and dedication to rise and be strong.